Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The LOVE Month

This month is the LOVE month. As a single woman, I will buy my own chocolate cover strawberries, dinner and flowers. I really struggle with relationships. I got married the first time at age 21 and the second time at age 30. I am divorced twice. I live a very simple but very public life.   In my efforts to better prepare for my next husband, I am writing a small questioner. 
As a Christian Women, what three questions should I ask any guy who has the potential to date me?


  1. 1. What is your relationship with God? Use love and fear in your answer.
    2. What does the words trust, fidelity, and respect mean in a relationship?
    3. Why do you want to be a part of my life?

  2. 1. Does he love God with every part of his being? (Having an authentic relationship with God, through Jesus Christ he will know how to love you)

    2. In what area of ministry has God called him to? (Each of us have area(s)of ministry in us. Being sure you can support and even strengthen who he is, vice versa)

    3. How does he feel about being a provider? (does he have a heart to work and care for the family)

  3. 1. Do you Love the Lord with all you heart, mind and soul.

    2. Are you willing to accept me for who I am and the endeavors I partake in?

    3. Will you care for me enough not to press me out of the will of God for selfish reasons?

  4. Are you marry?
    Do you believe in Jesus Christ?
    Do you have children?

    These questions will give you some interesting conversation and if the answers are not what you expected, keep moving.

  5. Though I have been single for awhile. And in this season trying to get back on my feet not really looking for love right now. Been there done that while buying my on Flowers and candy or what everyelse I may enjoy. Though this year was blessed with a box of chocolates from a brother in christ. I advised him I didn't see him as such because he is more seasoned than myself though I am not a Srping chicken different stages of life. Also I see so many people world and christians who say they are in love and treat the other half like Wow!!!!! okay that doesn't look like love to me. It should be genuine everyday not on a specific day of the year. I use to laugh and joke about the Jehovah Witness because they don't celebrate the pagan holidays as we Christians do it just made me think. God didn't love us on one specific day of the year nor bless us just that one day but everyday through many small blessings we may take for granted on a daily basis.

  6. 1. He must love GOD MORE.

    2. He must not be intimidated by your life.

    3. He must be a mate that will push and encourage you to your full potential without hidden agendas.